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σπιτι και διακοσμηση σπιτιου
ενεργειακα τζακια

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Apostolou group

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In the company of Apostle group we dealt with the import, marketing and treatment natural and artificial rocks (onyx], marble, granite, quartz) in applications as in the cooker, in the bathroom, in the flooring and the decoration of fireplace, and with the import, marketing and placement of types of heating of home (energy fireplaces, boilers pellet, solar panels e.t.c.)!

The products and the services are addressed to us so much in private individuals what in professionals. Big number of home, hotels, shops, constructional enterprises and specialised professionals of space as engineers, architects and [diakosmites] honour us with their confidence.

And we return then back all that respect ... With continuous attachment in the quality of products and services that we offer, we place in high priority the satisfaction of our customers!

Human and nature create toghether...

Collections of rocks from the better quarries of Greece and world!
Marbles, granites and crystal quartz offer architectural solutions and tools in the classic or modern decoration of internal spaces, as:

Fireplace Kitchen Buildings
Staira Bathroom Art creations
Flooring Furniture Special structures

La Nordica

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