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σπιτι και διακοσμηση σπιτιου
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The brothers Chris and Dimitris Apostoloy come from family that on line of years dealt with the treatment of Stone, a material that was used and is used wide in the region of [Ioanninon] but also more widely, for the manufacture of residences, churches, bridges, monuments Mr a. Afterwards their first studies, they watched the Faculty of Foremen in Ioannina, and the department of mechanical engineers, in the department of designers.

Because of insufficiency of resources of region, they moved in Athens, where they worked in various laboratories sculptural and artistic treatment [marmaroy].[To] year 1981 henceforth it had matured the time and the two brothers they returned in Ioanninas where they founded also the company “Afoi E. Apostolou O.E.” with seat the Industrial region in Ioannina and report in the region of airport [Ioanninon].

Treatment of marble, products of Stone, decoration

The main object of our business consists the manufacture of sculptures supported in the artistic treatment of marble, eg statues, pillars, embossed representations, marble templa for churches, decoration of modern or classic fireplaces and not only, and of course our company deals with each type of special designing and manufacture of any natural material.

Collaborations - Undertaken work

From the foundation of company has been undertaken big volume of work. We mention a line from Projects they were realised in the past that the application particular practises were demanded, sector in which our enterprise plays a leading part.

Facilities - Technological Equipment

Our company is accomodated in the Industrial region [Ioanninon], in privately-owned building 2.000 m2 and in outside space of deposition of materials 4.000 m2. Function departments of designing, planning, economic exploitation, supplies, transports and placement, public relations and secretarial support.

For the support of object of our enterprise is used technological equipment that is constituted:

Our future and prospects

With the new horizons of growth in combination with the growth of region, but also the prospects of derotation of business dexterity, our company draws her extension in products and objects of line of production, with the guarantee of suitable certification for the production of products high qualitative.

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