Interior and home decoration
σπιτι και διακοσμηση σπιτιου
ενεργειακα τζακια


Stone Creations

Naturally decorative rocks have a long history full beauty and aesthetic emotions…

The marble, the granite, the quartz, the natural Stone, materially that was used in the past very widely in the architecture “gain” once again the architects, the interior decorators and constructors and they take leading role between the other structural materials.

Their undeniable supremacy in resistance, in combination the competitive materials, their natural beauty, their impressive colorations, the luxury that lend in each work and the big advantage “to tie up” aesthetically with various other materials and with the environment, are elements that are recognized more and more, not only from the experts, but also from the simple world that intervenes henceforth decisively in the choice of materials with which it manufactures his residence.

Moreover, the development of technology in the excavation, in the transport, in the cutting and treatment of decorative rocks in the [finirisma] and in the special treatments for applications in exterior investments, gave the possibility of renewal of material and creation of new products with separate [formes] and profile. Extends thus the applications of marble and Stone in the modern manufacture, revived traditional [styl] with lower cost and made possible the concretisation with success the modern architectural and decorative proposals.

Today, the applications of marble and remainder rocks in the manufactures are unlimited. Luxurious and durable [marmarines] [dapedostroseis], one of the mainer applications of marble in the modern building, [diakosmoyn] impressively anyone space in simple residences, in buildings of offices, banks, hotels, churches Mr a. Also, by decorative rocks they are manufactured impressive internal and exterior [orthomarmaroseis], while we have also examples of aesthetically their irreproachable applications in the internal decoration. Benches of cooker and bathroom are upgraded aesthetic and functional with his use hails and the granite.

It is certain that the natural Stone knows a new season and characterizes, as material, the modern architecture, after in this resort a lot more, from what in the past, in the all world.